Need for Digital Compliance in FM Industry

At FFS we are committed to using technology to enhance and advance our goal of being the most efficient and effective partner to our clients. We use technology in various ways, both within our own company and with external clients to ensure the best possible experience for everyone who works with us.

It has always been our endeavour to deliver the best for our business partners and to uplift their experience we have Introduced a 100% Digital Compliance Dashboard for all our clients across India. Being a workforce-driven Facility Industry, it is imperative for Facility Management Companies to comply with all labour laws regulations to retain the employees deployed at the sites and to keep uniformity in the service standards we deliver for our clients.

Digital Compliance has enabled our clients to access all documents such as Muster Roll, Wage Register, and PF ESIC Challans in a single dashboard from wherever they are. This initiative has not only made compliance easy but it has also brought significant change in the way it has compliance paperwork management. Going digital has helped reduce the use of paper and accelerates an organization’s digital transformation journey. More and more business enterprises are starting to realize that paper is an expensive, inefficient and unsustainable way to manage information. Using cloud-based dashboards gives access to files instantly, saving physical space, paper and the environment.

Some organizations prefer to go ‘paper-light’ as many of them cannot eliminate paper files because of various processes or compliance requirements. There is a reason why the Legal and Finance departments are the most resistant to going paperless, as they are worried about compliance-related issues. However, the fact is, going paperless can actually help you to become more compliant. Paper-based processes expose your company to potential liability due to a lack of security or lost paperwork. On the other hand, electronic document management systems come with security measures and other features that ensure vital information stays protected all the time.

Support Sustainability at Work

As climate change continues, organizations must do their part to transform their throw- away culture in the office. Going paperless at work does not have to be difficult. Digital technologies such as cloud-based collaboration tools have made us less dependent on using paper at work. A paperless office is not only environmentally friendly but also helps in boosting the productivity and efficiency of an office while also saving money and making work processes easier and more convenient as digital documents can be easily shared between users.

Benefits of Digital Compliance

  • Saving time spent on locating & retrieving physical files: Cloud base Digital documents can be easily organized and instantly accessible from anywhere. As documents become easily accessible, the time taken to retrieve files is also significantly cut down so your team can be more productive and focus on other high- value tasks.
  • Promoting collaboration among team members: Admin departments can share files digitally without printing and view updated and all past records. This minimizes the steps and optimizes the workflow when working together on documents.
  • Improving the security of information: With granular security settings, confidential and sensitive information can be protected against misuse and unauthorized changes.
  • Saving costs spent on printing and storing documents: The benefits of going paperless is that it not only saves the environment but it also saves companies a lot of money. Eliminating the majority of paperwork helps you save money spent on paper and filing cabinets, as well as other costs like photocopier ink, electricity and office stationery.
  • It produces less waste: Finally, a paperless office produces far less waste than paperbound workplaces. Paper takes a toll on the environment by contributing to greenhouse gas production and deforestation, and inks and toners are often made from non-renewable resources.

A crucial part of any successful transformation initiative is gaining buy-in from stakeholders. Help your team understand the need for change and how a new system helps them become more productive, impactful and valuable in their work. Develop a training program to prepare employees on handling new processes and gather feedback from them for further improvement.

The future of Facility Management still holds a lot, and we shall witness a fully automated and tech-driven ecosystem that not only improves efficiency but also creates a sustainable system for all.

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