The impact of sustainable business practices and environmental governance on business continuity and performance is integral. We at FFS (Forbes Facility Services) have included these values as part of our core business principles from day one and we have applied a structured approach while adopting sustainability-focused initiatives and using innovative technology to aid our efforts.

For us at FFS, sustainability goes beyond looking only at the environment. Sustainability is about ensuring a responsible, ethical and inclusive approach that is essential for the success of the business. Our ESG strategy forms a core part of our business approach and is used across multiple domains to ensure its successful execution we conduct educational workshops on the ground level to raise awareness about the segregation of waste, recycling, reusing, conservation and tree plantation. Our cloud-based Compliance dashboard facilitates our clients to access all compliance-related documents digitally, without wasting a single paper.

  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Eco-friendly Materials
  • Biodiversity Compliant Practices
  • Energy Efficiency Waste Management
  • Kitchen Gardens
  • Bio-fuel Usage
  • Gender Diversity
  • Inclusive Hiring Policies
  • Health & SafetyProtocols
  • Vaccination Drives
  • Upskilling + L&D Programs
  • Community & Employee Welfare
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Corporate Governance
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Financial Discipline
  • Risk Management
  • Process Automation
  • Sound Legal Practices
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