Offshore Service Management

One of the important segments FFS serve is the Offshore where our major customers are from Oil & Gas industry. The platforms, FPSOs, Barges are involved in the production, storage, maintenance activities. As such, possibly the only recreation for their hard working professionals is our service.

Our carefully handpicked team of professional are equipped with necessary certificates such as BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety and Induction Training), Medical comes with relevant and necessary industry experience.

The central and back office teams are equally well experienced to manage the logistics. The camp boss and his team are expert in delivering the best quality and adhering the safety and hygiene norms.


Offshore life is challenging and to keep your teams focused on their core roles, we at FFS make sure that our housekeeping services are maintained at a level of priority that surpasses their need and expectation. Our housekeeping teams ensure that your cabins, offices and galleys are kept in safe, spotless and systematic order. We at FFS, use surface cleaning chemicals that are specially formulated to match the requirements for heavy-duty degreasing, rust removal, cleaning in place (CIP), descaling and surface brightening for offshore rigs, installations and vessels.

Food Services

Catering & meal Services are a vital component of any oil, gas and energy project. We at FFS, aim to create a home away from home for the crew. This is essential to their well-being as much as; it is to the overall productivity of the project. Our menus are designed to cater to all palates, incorporating religious and dietary preferences, tailored to our client’s liking and offer a healthy, well-balanced diet to cater to the diverse requirements of a multi-national workforce. Variety, coupled with regular theme dinners encourages crew engagement and eliminates boredom.

Ship Chandelling

We at FFS, are equipped to support shipping & Industrial organizations including Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Shipyards, Refineries, Factories, and Offshore Vessels including Support Vessels, Charterers, Oil Rigs & Production Platforms, etc; with the supply of provisions, bonds, deck and cabin stores and specialized cleaning chemicals.

Our team is equipped to focus on your requirements & consider the importance of supplying the right items at the best pricing.

Pest Management

Pest infestation is not uncommon on onboard vessels and ships and commercial spaces. It is essential to take charge of the situation to eliminate the pests, especially rodents, cockroaches, flying insects and bed bugs before they spread.

We at FFS, provide an integrated pest management program with continuous monitoring and barricading of their breeding ground and passage into the accommodation and galley areas.

Camp and Township Management

Whether your operation demands temporary support facilities or comprehensive workforce lodging for a long-term operation of a remote oil and gas drilling camp. We at FFS, are equipped to provide management, cleaning & maintenance services to any of your projects. We implement a seamless camp management system; so everything functions at optimum levels, allowing your workforce to focus solely on their operational accountabilities.

Our team expertise spans across, complex camp logistics and upkeep, such as camp maintenance, supply management, fire safety, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical repairs and waste management.


Our onboard launderette offers a timely and efficient laundry service that is tuned to offer 24hrs turnaround time for your personal and work attire. Collection and drop-off service is available throughout our 24hr service.

Our laundry process works around maintaining optimum usage of water and detergent. Our supply chain is equipped to provide green chemicals which offer higher productivity while being more environmentally friendly throughout their entire life-cycle.


It involves the maintenance, repair, and replacement of onshore and offshore installations' devices, equipment, and machinery, building structures, and supporting utilities.

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