Sustainability in Facility Management

The issue of sustainability in facilities management has become a global concern over the last decade, with government and facility management companies alike striving for more environmentally and legislatively sustainable practices.

Why is it important?

The sanctity of our environment is no longer a concern for future generations; the decisions and choices we make today have a long-term, irreparable impact on the health of our planet. The onus is on us to innovate and look for sustainable solutions to ensure a better future. The facility management market plays a big role in the protection of our environment, and choosing to embrace sustainability, even on a small scale, can have a tremendous impact.

Forbes Facility Services Sustainability Initiatives:

At Forbes Facility Services, we prioritise matters of sustainability in all of our processes and initiatives, to create a healthier corporate and environmental ecosystem for our clients and stakeholders across assets. Our sustainability initiatives include:

ESG - Environmental Social Governance

The focus on ESG has been gaining momentum globally, with governments introducing ESG requirements for entities across various sectors. We, at Forbes Facility Services, are actively investing in building teams to expand our knowledge of ESG, setting internal goals and enforcing compliance procedures to minimise our impact on the environment, while nurturing a more sustainable corporate ecosystem for our facilities management services.

Water and Energy Management

Innovations in technology and IoT have enabled facilities management companies to generate data that is capable of improving overall efficiency while cutting costs and lowering energy consumption.

Using real-time data and technological integration, our teams have been able to minimize energy and water consumption with robotics & need-based cleaning.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, issues of hygiene, health, and safety have been brought into the spotlight. Through means of IoT and contactless technologies such as AQI (air quality index) and personnel rotation trackers, we have been successful in ensuring the highest possible health and safety standards while keeping capital expenditure and energy consumption low.

At Forbes Facility Services, we pride ourselves on the highest standards of safety and efficiency at our clients’ sites, making use of sustainable & eco-conscious materials.

Automated Environmental Services

IFor our more high-risk industrial facility management projects, such as those involving the pharmaceutical and steel manufacturing industries, we have introduced several automated environmental services like cleaning robots for hazardous waste disposal and contactless sensor technologies. These enable us to meet safety regulations while maintaining high standards of quality, reducing costs and minimising risk to personnel.

With the added risk factors of transmission of the Covid-19 virus, as well as chemical exposure and maintenance requirements at up to 50m heights with temperatures of 60+ degrees centigrade, we optimised our processes through our proprietary software, SILA Connect.

At Forbes Facility Services, we pride ourselves on placing great importance on issues of sustainability in our practices across projects, enabling us to minimize costs, while parallel reducing the negative impact on the environment. Our diverse team of professionals has invested in expanding our knowledge of sustainable practices across our many assets, with major success for both our clients, as well as our on-ground teams.

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