Mechanized Housekeeping

Our professionally trained mechanised housekeeping services team is one of the best in the industry and is committed to delivering superior quality results by utilising the world-class machines and materials that have been approved by competent authorities such as the FDA, EPA, and WHO.

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Mechanized Housekeeping Service in India
Offshore Service Management Service in India
Offshore Service Management

We are equipped to offer food service and cleaning solutions to offshore and remote site projects in India and around the world. We serve our clients by providing them continual support, within the challenging conditions under which they perform, thereby allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities more effectively and efficiently.

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Operations and Maintenance

We understand the importance of up-time in the production environment. The production time wasted due to process disruption results into a loss of revenue. This is where our competent team of trained professionals, with the objective of optimum utilisation, support our clients to ensure uninterrupted operations at the manufacturing units.

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Operations & Maintenance Service in India
Horticulture Services in India
Horticulture Facilities

Keeping your external premises green and attractive throughout the year could be challenging. Maintaining a garden or lawn is a difficult undertaking for many people since it necessitates a significant amount of time and gardening skills. Our experienced professionals can keep your property looking wonderful throughout the year.

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Guesthouse Management

The need to a home away from home has been consistent in the business age. We, at FFS, bring in expertise, efficacy and efficiency in this service. A dedicated hospitality team take care of housekeeping, maintenance, food, laundry, recreation and other supplies to ensure a pleasant stay.

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Guesthouse Management Service in India
Pest Control Service In India
Pest Control Facilities

Our extensive pest control services will keep your premises, products and goods safe while you stay rest assured that our methods and practices meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety regulations. Our integrated pest control solutions are designed to help your business comply with stringent local and international legislation standards on safety and hygiene.

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Façade Cleaning

Maintain a smudge-free atmosphere in your company's facility by keeping every surface, including your windows, clean and sparkling. We at FFS, provide flawless commercial cleaning services for window cleaning for commercial properties, allowing each space to truly shine.

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Facade Cleaning Service in India
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