Why Consider FFS Horticulture Services At Industrial Sites?

With the growing necessity to reduce carbon footprints and contribute to ESG goals, horticulture at industrial sites is becoming the need of the hour. Let us understand what horticulture is and its importance at industrial sites.

What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is the applied science and art of designing, cultivating and growing plants in a defined area that are used both for consumption plus ornamental and environmental purposes. The word horticulture literally means, the culture of a garden. It is a unique form of agriculture wherein specialised horticulturists understand your location and terrain and design a sustainable green landscape. This landscape includes a wide range of trees, plants, flowers and vegetables. The green mix is made keeping in mind the various ecological and sustainable benefits that the piece of land can create.

Industrial Green Landscape

How is Horticulture at Industrial sites different?

When horticulture & landscape planning, development and management takes place at an industrial site there are many parameters that need to be taken into consideration, like the type of industry, the levels of pollution created, the available green development area in comparison to the industrial area, the number of staff at site, the machinery deployed and many others. These factors help the horticulturists define the objectives and accordingly design the landscape with the appropriate choice of trees, plants, vegetation and flowers. Every selected plantation has a positive ecological impact on the site that creates an overall sustainable ecosystem.

Benefits of Horticulture at Industrial Sites:

  • Reduces temperatures by 5-7° (ref. USDA Forest Services)
  • Controls air pollution from plants like Neem, Cassia, Karanj & Pelta
  • Provides enough Oxygen
  • Decreases noise pollution
  • Increases overall biodiversity
  • Improves aesthetics

Different types of species for industrial sites

Species for Soil Conservation:

  • Anacardium occidental (Cashew)
  • Ailanthus malabarica(Alston)
  • Cassuarina equisetifolia (Beef-wood)
  • Pongamia glabra (India beech)
  • Thevetia Peruviana (Yellow oleander)
  • Thespesia populnea (Indian Tulip)
  • Vitex negundo (Sephali)

Species for giving us the shade

  • Pteropsperum acerifolium
  • Albizzia lebbek
  • Pelptophorum
  • Michelia champaca
  • Anthocephalus cadamba
  • Dalbergia sisso
  • Glyricidia Maculata accer

Species tolerant to Dust and Smoke

  • Acacia auriculiformis
  • Alstonia soholaris
  • Butea monosperma
  • Ficus Benjamina
  • F. benghalensis
  • Madhuca Indica
  • Pongamia glabra

Trees for Noise Reduction:

  • Terminalia Arjuna
  • Alstonia scholaris
  • Azadirachta Indica
  • Butea Monosperma
  • Mangifer Indica
  • Madhuca Indica
  • Juniperus chinesis

FFS Horticulture Services at Industrial SItes USPs

FFS provides end-to-end Horticulture Services at Industrial sites, from research, planning, designing to execution, management and maintenance. Here are our USP’s:

  • A dedicated team of experts for horticulture services
  • Expertise in a survey, designs, drawing, execution & maintenance of landscape gardening
  • Sustainable, innovative and cost-effective horticulture services
  • Innovative concepts like vermicomposting & organic pesticides, kitchen gardening, nakshatra gardening, medicinal & ornamental tree plantation, afforestation and green belt development etc.

Our Horticulture Services at Industrial Sites

Landscape & Garden Development

  • Formal/informal garden
  • Township garden
  • Industrial garden
  • Lawn development

Beautification Of Existing Facility

  • Lake and pond beautification
  • Ornamental & medicinal tree plantation
  • Vertical / Terrace / Nakshatra / Kitchen gardening
  • Parking beautification
  • Wind resistance, scented flowers tree plantation

Indoor & Outdoor Plantation

  • Indoor Plants - Useful for absorbing potentially harmful gases & cleaning the air.
  • Outdoor Plants - Air purification plantation for STP Plant area.

Value Added Services

  • Innovative concepts like vermicomposting, herbal/organic pesticides
  • Development & maintenance of terrace, kitchen & nakshatra gardening
  • Air purification plants for indoor and outdoor premises
  • Artistic landscaping and gardening
  • Afforestation and green belt development
  • Medicinal & ornamental tree plantation
  • Lake, pond and fountain beautification
  • Customised beautification packages as per client-specific requirements

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